MA Governor – Vote Smart in 2022

Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate

Geoff Diehl

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My Two Cents:

We want to get back to the basics of governing. Stop the hate mongering, the division between our brothers and sisters, for political gain. Let’s Fix Roads and Bridges, let’s get Schools back to teaching Math, Science, Reading… all in person. Let’s help our own people, who are struggling to make ends meet in our own State! Let’s break the stranglehold of the Democrat Party in Inner cities and bring a multi-decade plan of real economic prosperity to these communities which have been devasted by failed liberal policies, drugs and crime. And most importantly, Republicans in MA believe in Live and Let Live… Leave people and their families alone. It’s time to reign in our government.

I know primaries and elections can be emotionally tough. There is always a winner and a loser. Never before have the people in Massachusetts and our own party been faced with so many challenges. I urge my fellow Republicans and voters in Massachusetts to overcome personal disappointments with the primary election outcome and join together… and unite behind Geoff Diehl as our Republican Nominee.

Now is the Time to Do what’s Best… for our families, our communities and for Massachusetts.

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