Listen to the Music

Years ago, while driving with a friend, he informed me that he had recently lost his infant child.

When he told me the news, my heart broke.  I looked at him and said “I don’t know what to say.  Words cannot extinguish your anguish.”

He paused, looked me directly in the eyes and said… “The Words don’t matter.  I Listen to the Music.  It’s the Music that Matters.”


In tragedy, those who hold you dear in their hearts, often do not have the right words to say.  Quite often, the words can unintentionally come off the wrong way.  After all, what can anyone say that could possibly ease the loss of a loved one, especially a child?  People often cannot find the right words to say… but they feel they should say something to show the person they care. They mourn with them. 

But if you mute the words… and listen… you can hear the Music.

It’s the Music of Love.  The Music of Caring.  The Music of an individual soul reaching out to another soul, becoming a small part of a symphony of understanding and compassion. A shared mourning for heart wrenching pain. In times like these… the words are not important.

It is… the Music that matters.

And after my friend told me this… We continued driving… and for the next few moments… allowed only the Music to play.