The Great Apple Rebate

There was once a community that used Apples to pay all of its bills. The Apples were used to build schools, build roads, bridges and keep the community safe.

One year, the community needed lots of apples to pay its bills. It asked the community members to voluntarily increase the number of apples each family would give, to meet the higher costs of providing services.

Being good, responsible members of the community, there were many who gave more apples than they normally would. Likewise, there were many members who refused to contribute a single apple to the cause. Excuses were many. I have no apples to give, I’m down to my last apples and cannot afford to give any. When asked for time to volunteer, many of these same people said they had no time to spare as well.

Regardless, the community gathered all of the apples and soon discovered they had more apples than they needed.

It was announced, that those who had contributed apples, would get 14% of the apples they contributed back. It would be proportional to the apples they voluntarily contributed. If someone had given 100 apples, they would get 14 back. If someone contributed 10, they would get 1 1/4 back. It seemed the fair, logical and ethical action to take.

There was celebration in the community.

So, they started sending the excess apples back to those who originally gave. Sweet, Delicious, Red, Shiny apples coming back, just as there was a shortage of food taking hold in the community.

And as they started distributing the surplus apples, resentment, envy and greed started to grow amongst those who had donated absolutely zero apples to the community. It just didn’t seem fair to them that they were not receiving any of these apples. Why should those who gave apples, deny them the right to partake in eating these apples themselves?

Now even though these people, who gave zero apples now wanted apples, it did not register in their selfish, greedy minds, that they did not provide any apples, so why would they receive any in return?

It was politely explained to those who did not receive any apples back, that even though they gave NO apples, they already benefited from the schools they did not pay for, the roads and bridges they use… and did not pay for and were provided safety and security because others… had given apples…. when they themselves did not.

But that logic, those gifts went completely unappreciated… and ignored. Like little, spoiled children, they wanted apples. And their rage and greed grew. Under the Slogan… “It’s simply not fair or equitable” they began a campaign to change the law. Being that so few of them actually worked, they had plenty of time to organize and won all the seats of power in the community. Once elected, they made a law that stated “When apples are collected in excess of what was needed… the excess apples will go to every member of the community equally. So, if 1000 excess apples were collected, a community of 10,000 people would get 1/10th of an apple. It did not matter whether or not you contributed any apples.

One of the chief leaders of the community stated, “It only seemed fair that if the community does good, that everyone should participate in its success.”

Didn’t matter if people gave apples or not. That’s how Communism works.

The simple fact is that Political majorities can do what they wish, when they wish… often without any immediate recourse. The law was passed with little debate.

Many of those who grew apples were in disbelief at such a grotesque move. Many decided to sell their apple farms. Many of those apple farms were turned into housing… because no one wanted to work the farms. Those who always gave apples to the community, began looking for new homes in other communities that still valued hard working individuals and families who build things, rather than take and destroy. So, they left.

Soon those who paid with apples were in the minority. This community now had a shortage of apples and had difficulty paying its bills. They tried to raise the quota of apples to be donated… but there were no more apples to be found. The Community became rundown, productive people left; crime soared.

And those who wanted free apples… who never gave a single apple to the community… also started leaving because the schools were failing, roads and bridges started crumbling and crime was rampant in their own streets and neighborhoods. The community had been plundered and there was nothing left to plunder.

And those same people, who wanted free apples without ever contributing any apples, eventually find the communities where hardworking, decent people migrate to. And they move there… and bring their flawed politics, their greed and their destructive communist thinking to these vibrant communities as well.

And just like an Apple decays from within… so do Communities.

The destructive process repeats in an endless, tiresome loop.

Human Greed and Envy has always been a destructive weapon… of societies… and individual souls.

Everything in this article is actually happening in Massachusetts right now. The Apples are symbolic of Income Taxes. The last 4 paragraphs are prophetically happening as we speak. State of Massachusetts, 2022-2023