Boys Need Fathers

I would like to share with you a true story…

In 1999, Kruger National Park in South Africa had too many elephants. Being that there was no way to relocate large Adults, the Park had been told by experts that it was best to kill the adults and save the children, who could be more easily transported to other parks. So that is what they did.

After killing a large percentage of the adult males, they then proceeded to relocate a number of the younger male elephants to a neighboring park called Pilanesberg Park.

As these young Male elephants became teenagers, the horror would begin.

At first, various small animals were found dead in the park.  The rangers could not explain the deaths.  Then  came the death of the Rhinos. Literally murdered.

Initially, the rangers suspected poachers and illegal hunting. But as they examined the deceased Rhino’s remains, it became obvious that the Rhinos were literally being gored and stabbed to death. So they set up a surveillance program of the young male elephants. Quickly they discovered that the young male elephants, all orphans, were guilty and had established a “Street Gang”

And this street gang had a leader… another young orphan Male Elephant, just slightly larger.  And he would encourage and lead the other young males into targeting specific victims and then torture and finally kill the victim. They would destroy everything in their path.

It appeared that these Young Teenage Elephants found genuine pleasure in randomly attacking and tormenting Rhinos. They would often find a victim, taunt it for a couple of days… and then finally puncture it to death with their tusks.

And as they were tormenting the Rhinos, they began choosing new victims.  Humans.  They killed some, wounded others. It had to be stopped.

Not wanting to kill all of the young, orphan males, they decided to hire a hunter to kill one of the Elephants who had recently attacked tourists. Unbelievably, the hunter was actually killed by the Elephant. At a loss for action and understanding, The park decided to try the advice of a humble veterinarian.

He said, “There appears to be a discipline problem among the young elephant bulls,” said Douw Grobler, veterinarian at Kruger National Park, “There is a missing link in the elephant population at Pilanesberg. There is a need for the presence of adult elephant bulls.”

Despite some disagreement from prominent experts, the park decided to introduce about six – 40 year old Male Bull Elephants to the park.

Immediately, the killings stopped.

It was that simple.

And the lesson here is that simple as well.

Like young, male Elephants… our own boys and male teenagers need good, selfless, strong Males in their lives as Role Models.
Despite what many in the world preach, Males can not be replaced nor should they be feminized.

Good, strong males will teach younger males how to once again act and become real men.  To take responsibility for their actions, to put themselves second to their families and learn how to build things… rather than destroy.  To put aside childish ways and become adults.

They need male mentoring… they need good men to step up and teach them.

They will learn that all actions have consequences…  and violent actions  have the most severe.  There is right and wrong… just as there is a right way and wrong way to bring about change.

So enough of this.  It is time for these young elephants to grow up, stop being foolish and stop playing what many of them think is a game… for this “game” has ultimate consequences. 

There are no do overs, there are no game resets, there are no infinite lives. Life is not a video game.

If the violence, destruction and attacks persist, these Young Elephants causing chaos in the streets today will soon meet the Bull Elephants of America tomorrow.

Arrogance will be turned into humility…

Recklessness… into fear… and like so often… will end in tears.




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