How to prevent 2nd American Civil War

As the world continues it’s journey into madness…. I fear.. that soon… we will all be at a place… where no one really wants to be.

In a place, where love and friendship once dwelled… hatred and anger now fill the voids of men’s soul’s. And as the rage increases… the days of mutual respect, kindness and civility towards each other continues to fade… long lost… in a storm of darkness and despair… with no peaceful end in sight.

We seem to have lost our way.

In trying to spread Democracy across the Globe…. we have failed to invest the time… the energy… the careful thought… in determining what it takes… to keep a Democracy healthy and alive within our very own Country.

Soon… our Democracy will give rise to heartbreak… and only then… thru eyes glazed with blood soaked tears… will we all understand that it wasn’t the loss of our Democracy that was so heartbreaking… but rather… it was the loss of our Liberty…. and the loss of so many innocent lives of our loved ones that truly pierced our hearts.

It seems not so long ago that we could disagree… without being disagreeable. To have views… different from each other… without being called names or threatened with arrest, lawsuits or even death. To be able to choose to raise a family centered around God and to associate with those with whom we shared common values… and simply avoid those who did not. And all had the right to do the same… or differently… if they so desired.

More and more… people depend on the government to tell them what is right or wrong… forgetting that governments are simply incapable of providing a lasting answer. And as those who have lost their ability to see.. lead others who have become disoriented by the noise around us… many have become oblivious to the storm… and the darkness… which is now engulfing us.

We can debate at another time, how the darkness could have surrounded us so quickly. But now the Darkness does indeed surround us. Evil continues to grow like a vine embracing itself around a once fruitful tree… discreetly laying the stranglehold that will one day soon take the tree’s very freedom… and life.

Vine Strangling a Tree

The guardians of the trees we entrusted with our care… are no longer there. Consumed by the evil, they were the first to fall.

So here we stand… mostly alone… with the darkness quickly falling upon our land. Decades of Wars behind us… Rumors of New Wars in front of us… Neighbors killing Neighbors… Children killing Children… we now stand unprotected from the stormy night that has come upon our land. The Veil that once protected us… withdrawn.

Anarchists, Communists, Leftists, Fascists, ANTIFA, Neo-Nazi’s and other political profiteers of hatred sow disinformation, dismay and division between us. Race against Race… Religion against Religion… Man vs Woman… Brother against Brother. Basic universal truth’s… long since conveniently forgotten.

Not since the great Civil War have we ever been so divided… so vulnerable as a nation… so manipulated… than this very moment.

The clock continues its march til midnight… if men and women of good will do not step forward… evil will triumph. If we fail to change, we will cross a great bloody divide from which there exists… no return to the lives we currently cherish.

And the change we seek… can not be found in books or libraries, nor in elected leaders… or political parties. Not in any government…
— and not in any one person.

The change we are seeking can only be found in our very own hearts… and the hearts of our fellow man.

Before Kingdoms Can Change…. Men’s Hearts Must Change.

We all must change….

Since our lives are all interconnected, we need to realign ourselves with each other – to once again share and respect universal principles and basic truths…. to listen to your hearts… tune out the noise around you… and start over.

Principle #1 : Life is a Sacred Right. The Right to Life supersedes all other rights. Every Life…. a sacred Life. From a child sleeping safely in the womb of its mother, to the street peddler in the city. Black, White, Male or Female… Rich or Poor. Every life… even the most inconvenient or wretched… matters.

When one denies the right of Life to another… or tries to legitimize or rationalize it away… every other unimaginable horror becomes possible… and we lose our way.

Principle #2 The Right To Liberty – Every person is born equal and free. Liberty is not a right reserved only for Kings. It is not a right bestowed upon the privileged or by only those who can afford it. Liberty is an inherent, sacred right of all men granted by the creator himself. Second only to the right to life… it is liberty… that protects the latter.

Liberty makes a person uncontrollable. It is what gives the oppressed… the sacred right to end their oppression. And it is thru Liberty, that a person gains the sacred right… to pursue happiness… to preserve and protect what is rightfully theirs… their life, their family, their property, their religion and their dreams. It is thru liberty that a person has the ability to take control of their life…

And our “Right to Liberty” ends… when it is used to suppress another’s “Right to Life and Liberty.”

Principle #3: Human Dignity is a Sacred Right. It is that direct connection with God…. that demands respect. True Human Dignity is the noble way in which we carry ourselves and our enormous individual responsibility which comes from being a member of the human species. It is not how we respect ourselves… but rather how we respect and treat others.

We maintain our own Dignity by treating others with the greatest respect… and kindness… and civility… and genuine love… with no expectation of a reward.

Principle #4: Individual Responsibility – Everyone has to take personal responsibility for their personal actions. Everyone must understand that every action taken has a consequence. Learn from your consequences so that your future actions create better results.

Stop blaming others. No one owes anybody anything. Pointing fingers at others or past generations simply denies individual accountability… and distracts one from finding real solutions to current problems.

Principle #5: Tolerance. Every one has a right to their opinions. Everyone has the right.. to be wrong. Everyone has a right to choose how to live their lives… what they want to believe and who they want to associate with. As long as others don’t directly infringe upon your life and liberty… and you don’t infringe upon others Life and Liberty… then let it be. We all need to tolerate each other. Calling people names… or labels… because they disagree with you is simply Intolerant… and undignified.

Never confuse tolerance with acceptance. I will never try and force you to accept or adopt my own personal beliefs… my lifestyle… my religion… my politics or choices… and you should never demand that I personally accept or adopt yours. We can have a conversation about things.. such as this article… but in the end… you are free to choose what you want to believe and how you want to live.

I can disagree with someone, disagree with their actions… their choices… yet still love them… and be kind to them… and treat them with the dignity and respect that all of us deserve.

For our children and our grandchildren’s sake…. Let’s tone down the rhetoric… Let’s stop the personal attacks… Let’s once again remind ourselves we are all brothers and sisters – the Children of God.

I beg of you… Live and Let Live. Let’s all change.

The alternative is too horrifying to imagine.

Published 11-1-2018 By John Briare