The Madness Must Stop…

They say that all that is needed for the world to slip into complete darkness is for men and women of goodwill to do nothing

They say you should never talk politics or religion when you’re at a guest’s house, Thanksgiving or in Business. Most of the time, I live by that rule… today… I am breaking it.

As events continue to unfold, all that is needed for the world to slip into complete darkness… is for men and women of goodwill to do nothing. To let current events run their course… ultimately… until all of its victims are gone… and you inevitably stand alone.

With the recent heartbreak tragedy in Florida…some will blame guns…. Many more will blame others… and yet once again… the real victim here is Truth!

And you will ask… what is the truth?

America has been consumed by “a Culture of Death” for the past 40 years. The Sacredness of Life has become expendable and secondary to convenience, selfishness and profits… and those most guilty of promoting this culture of death and profiting from it privately… are the greatest of hypocrites publicly. (#Hollywood, #Videogames #Movies, #TV, #News, #Congress, #Court )

We ask ourselves… how did things get this bad? We see our families divided, religions divided, our culture and Country divided. We are now divided at every level imaginable: racial, religious, political, economic. We divide over age, race, gender, religion, red and blue states… and endless idiotic minutia. Though we once agreed on basic universal truths… now even appeals to those simple, basic truths are called intolerant. People don’t even know what bathrooms to use anymore.

And while we rage at each other… sowing confusion amongst the most impressionable of all… the children…. Our families are broken, our children are broken and countless scattered souls now litter our nation’s streets. Children walk the halls of schools with hollow empty stares… not knowing the difference between right and wrong – being parented by a smart phone and having life’s important questions answered by Google… rather than a mother or father.

Death, Destruction, Mistrust, No Trust, Greed, Envy, Hatred, Anger, War… Violence… The very foundations of the House of Mankind is being gnawed on to the point the house itself will soon no longer be able to stand. And our children are right smack in the middle of this!

Basic Human Dignity and the very essence of all mankind… The Respect for Life… is all on the verge of annihilation.

Let’s face it, No one knows for sure if denying someone a weapon would have prevented any tragedy from occurring. Recent incidents have shown that 130 people can be killed or injured in a single incident with a knife (China), or dozens killed by intentionally using a car (NY, London, etc etc), or even fertilizer (Oklahoma City). The simple fact is… a city like Chicago has more violent deaths over a given month than many of these tragedies… combined… and they have the strictest weapon laws on the books. Where is the outrage?

A child growing up in the inner city has a greater chance of suffering a violent death than a soldier on the front lines in Vietnam. On a given night, between Video games and television, a child is exposed to dozens upon dozens of incidents of violence and death. It’s simply to much for them to handle. It causes Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for our most gullible and impressionable children.

Its not the weapon of death that is the issue… that’s the distraction…. The problem is the Broken Individual… the broken Soul. Those who no longer can separate the fantasy from the reality… or who simply do not know right from wrong.

We need to come together as a nation… as a people… to find solutions to help these people… these children… once again find hope in the glory and dignity of life…. before they go over the edge.

Now is a good time for everyone to look at themselves in the mirror… and see what God see’s…. and ask themselves… “Am I part of the problem?” or “What can I do to be part of the real solution?