Since Covid’s arrival in early 2020, our country appears to be disintegrating before our very eyes. Civility has been replaced by outright hostility, tolerance has been replaced by censorship and the once common bonds which held this country together seem to no longer exist.

How did we fall so fast? I personally believe that much of this disintegration has occurred because of misinformation, the political exploitation of this virus and the censorship of true, informative debate. It was not only our lives and health that suffered, but the very life of our Constitution and the God given rights it affords, which are now on life support.

It is not an understatement to say, the very essence of who we are as a nation is at stake. If we do not take a “time-out”, COVID and those who are exploiting this virus will continue to go unchallenged. True, informative debate will continue to be censored, lives will be lost, and the political destruction of the United States becomes a real possibility. My heart aches for what might come next.

It is time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their fellow Americans who are being attacked. Public policy officials, who seems to be ignoring science and actual data, are now threatening people’s jobs, requiring them to show papers. Life-saving medical treatments are being denied to those who refuse a vaccine and front-line health care workers still do not have the authority to treat patients in the best manner possible. Students are being kicked out of colleges, and the outright bullying of those who disagree with others has become legally sanctioned in our country. There has never been a more urgent need for drastic, thoughtful, and peaceful action.

To solve the problem of COVID… It is time to put COVID on Trial!

A trial, not in the courts of law, but rather in the Court of the American People. We need a public, televised trial, which would become a genuine opportunity for disagreeing sides to make public their claims, subject those claims to live, in person, cross examination and hopefully lead to a determination of actual truth. When the Truth becomes known, the madness and this virus infecting this country…. will die.

The American People simply seek the truth. We all suffer from a distrust in the narratives, the “selective” science and the propaganda surrounding this pandemic. Only a public trial can stop the misinformation on all sides. It is time to lay out the facts of each side, attack and defend those facts live and in person, and let the truth become the only verdict.

A public trial guarantees no censorship, and allows both sides, to discuss the data, cross examine the experts, review the facts, and determine the truth. We have been denied this opportunity since the virus appeared. Only then will all people be able to make educated decisions for their family.

The Trial of COVID will determine the following:

#1) How deadly is COVID? We see the death numbers, but are they manipulated?
The CDC claims 625,000 people have died in the US because of COVID. Yet, by the CDC own admission, only 6% of all COVID deaths and Hospitalizations are COVID only. These numbers need a thorough review and need to be cross examined.

#2) It has been claimed that it is the Medical Protocols and Standard COVID operating procedures that are causing the greatest complications and deaths from COVID. Front line health care workers state tens of thousands of deaths could have been avoided if the CDC did policy based on science and not supplies. It is claimed that the lack of prescribing traditional antibiotics, lack of utilizing Monoclonal antibodies and other untraditional treatments is causing complications and unnecessary deaths. The FDA states this is not true. What is true?

#3) Are Public Policy Officials creating an excess of COVID preventable deaths by ignoring science and the actual data? E.g.: Sending infected patients into Nursing Homes, requiring masks for school children, lockdowns?

#4) Do facemasks really work? Let’s get a definitive answer that is scientifically, and data based.

#5) Do the current Covid vaccines really work? If they work, now is the time to show without any reasonable doubt that data.  If they do not, it’s time to find other vaccines that do work and other treatment options. The FDA needs to address the reported adverse reactions under oath.  Until the FDA re-establishes trust, people will not believe what they say and do.

#6) Why should those under 40 years of age receive a Covid Vaccine, when the Flu Hospitalizes and kills more people in this age group than Covid? This age group also has one of the highest adverse reactions to covid vaccine shots.

#7) There is overwhelming evidence and studies that clearly show that those who have contracted COVID have greater immunity and antibody levels to Covid and all variants vs the Covid vaccines. Why is this being ignored? And why are no vaccine exceptions being made to those who already had and recovered from Covid?

#8) The FDA has never approved a vaccine that did not stop transmission of a virus or a disease. Why are the Covid vaccines exceptions? Has the FDA ever approved any MRNA vaccine since they have been in development for the past 20 years? Since the COVID Vaccines apparently do not stop the transmission of the disease, are they really vaccines?

#9) Since the COVID Vaccines do not stop the transmission of disease, why would they be mandated for use?

#10) Does the vaccine really reduce hospitalization and death for those who contract COVID though being fully vaccinated? Recent data from the State of MA seems to conflict with this. Data from LA seems to be saying not so. Other data says indeed it does reduce Hospitalization and Deaths. Let’s get a definitive, proven, uncensored answer on this. It might help those most at risk decide for a vaccination.

Each side swears they know the truthful answers to each of these questions.  Each side has facts.  Each side has countless studies supposedly backing their stances.  Yet there has never been a true debate… a true trial of the facts!  Until this occurs, distrust will rule.

A public trial of COVID would give the CDC, NIH, WHO, and specifically Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Francis S. Collins, Dr. Rochelle Walensky the worldwide opportunity and platform to defend their claims and their science before the world live. No scripts, no dodging of questions… just pure cross examination of the facts and witnesses by both sides. The Integrity of the entire system and the claims of both sides will be tried under oath. It will be the trial of the new century. Misinformation, and some careers, on all sides will be destroyed. But in the end, truth should prevail, and countless lives saved.

Only through honest and uncensored debate can we bring this virus and the madness engulfing our nation under control…. and then, a national healing can begin.