Questions I cant get Rational Answers For

Back in 2013, I published an article on the online blog I had called “We The People”. I decided to update it to reflect the insanity and in many cases, stupidity, embracing our Country today.

Over the years, I have developed some simple questions that I just can’t get logical answers for… So I’m hoping you can help. Here we go —


  • Why do people spend more than they make and then these same people try and force me to help them pay their bills?
  • Isn’t it unfair, unethical and wrong to forgive dead-beat student loan borrowers while penalizing most American’s who went to college, got jobs, worked hard, sacrificed and repaid their students loans?
  • Why do people blame the banks for giving them loans they could not afford? (Did the banks buy that new car and go to Vegas or on a Cruise with those funds they gave you?)
  • Why do people think that one person paying 15% of their income in taxes and someone else paying 33% of their income in taxes is fair?  Don’t they realize that the more someone makes the more taxes they pay?  Here’s some simple Math:  Why doesn’t everyone simply pay 20% of their income in taxes – exempting the first $60,000 from any tax – No Deductions?  Earn $60,000 you pay nothing | Earn $600,000 you pay 20% of $540K = $108,000 in taxes | Earn $6 Million you pay 20% of $5.94 million  = $1.188 million in taxes. Understand?
  • Why do we pay people more money not to work than to actually work and contribute to our county?
  • Isn’t it immoral and wrong for a grandfather to leave his great grandchildren with a financial debt they must repay because he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle?  If so, why would we leave a $30 trillion US Debt and $90 Trillion in committed spending to our own future generations? There is no difference!
  • If the US Dollar isn’t backed by anything except a promise, doesn’t that mean it’s worthless?


  • Why can’t parents send their children to schools of their own choice without having to pay both a Public Education System and Private School Education?
  • Why can’t Public Schools just compete against private schools – let them compete for every dollar they get?
  • Why do States like NY and Massachusetts have almost 300 Superintendents of Public Schools – many making more money than the President of the United States?
  • Why does our society consider someone who went to college as being smarter and more capable than someone who became a tradesman or opened their own business?
    (lots of College Degrees working retail right now and over $100,000 in debt – is this really smart?)
  • Why do Companies have a BA Degree Requirement when a BA means absolutely nothing?
  • Why do College Professors have tenure?
  • Why are 90% of the highest govt. pensions in most states paid to Public University Administrators and Professors. In MA, in many cases annual pensions of $250K plus?


  • Why does the US Govt give all of it’s US Govt Taxpayer financed patents and Intellectual property away at no cost to everyone in the World?
  • Why doesn’t the US Govt charge a 1% Royalty Fee on all US Taxpayer funded discoveries and use that money to retire the debt?
  • Why isn’t English our Official Language?
  • Why is our Legislature Full time?
  • Why do we pay Legislators and elected officials a Pension?
  • Why are Government Workers paid hourly? Shouldn’t they be salaried?
  • Why do we pay lifetime pensions after only 20 years of work? Shouldn’t they retire at same age that the rest of us can legally collect Social Security? Some are 43 years old and will receive a hefty pension for the next 40 years. Why?)
  • How come Massachusetts does not utilize Volunteer Fire Depts like NY and so many other states?
  • Why do we keep making laws without rescinding laws? Eventually won’t we all become criminals?
  • Why do people keep re-electing corrupt politicians with no real world experience?
  • Why do we keep sending Money to Foreign Countries who hate us?
  • If Congress established a Debt Limit for our Country in Law… and Congress has voted every year to exceed that debt limit with $60 Trillion in committed Spending… Why aren’t members of Congress arrested for violating the law they themselves passed?
  • Oh that’s right – Congress exempts themselves from the laws they pass… Why?
  • Why are these same Congressman and Women always re-elected?
  • Why do people think government can save them from crisis when in almost 99% of the cases, the government is the one who created the crisis?  (War, Financial Collapse, Recessions, Unemployment, Pandemics)
  • If I need to show an ID to buy Advil Cold & Sinus, board a plane or buy beer, why is it racist or wrong to ask for an ID to vote?


  • Why aren’t there more lawyers who specialize in suing other lawyers? They would make a fortune!
  • Why can anyone sue anyone in this country for less than $20 in filing fees?
  • Why don’t we have “LOSER Pays” as the foundation within our legal system?
  • Why don’t we just shame people who attempt to abuse, corrupt or profit from our legal system?
  • What happened to good old fashioned common sense?
  • Why do renters have more rights than homeowners?
  • Why can renters take a tax deduction in Massachusetts but homeowners can not?
  • Why aren’t more lawyers sent to jail for negligence, embezzlement and fraud?


  • Aren’t all violent crimes Hate Crimes?
  • Why do racists, get away with being racist, when they come out and accuse others of racism, when no racism was actually involved?
  • Those who preach tolerance are usually the most intolerant.  Why do people listen to them?
  • There exists only 2 physical sexes, male and female, so why are people confused?
  • It’s HE / SHE anything else is confused or ultimately pushing for the term “Comrade”
  • If you can stand up and hold your unit when you urinate, you use the men’s room… how can that be misunderstood?
  • If someone claims they are trapped or born into the wrong physical body, isn’t that a mental issue and not a physical issue?
  • Men can not have babies… so why try to rationalize anything else that’s absurd?
  • In America we believe in Live and Let Live, if people want to pretend to be something, that’s fine.  But why do people try and force me to accept and participate in that Pretend Game?
  • Why do people think it’s not a human baby when science empathically has concluded it has it’s own unique human DNA?
  • How can people rationalize that a baby within the womb is not alive?
    (It is a Federal Offense to destroy an Eagle’s Egg – Is an Eagle more valuable than human life?)
  • If you make laws around exceptions, are you not making the normal… now abnormal?  
  • Why do people think War can be civil?  
  • Why do people think Democracy is more important than Liberty?


  • If someone dies within 30 days of having Covid, it is counted as a Covid death.  Yet, if someone dies within 30 days of getting a Covid vaccine, it is considered unrelated? Shouldn’t they be judged and measured by same standards?
  • How can the Flu be non-existent because people were wearing masks and social distancing, yet simultaneously, Covid was running out of control because people were not wearing masks or social distancing?
  • If you are an individual, why is it illegal to buy private health insurance outside of OBAMACARE exchanges?
  • The US spends more money on Healthcare than any other country in the world and our life expectancy continues to drop.  Why?
  • Why do people think they have the right to demand others take healthcare treatments that might harm the other person’s health?
  • In oppressive governments who thrive on bloodshed, issuing papers is standard protocol.  Do not people see that Covid Passports are no different?  Papers Please!
  • When you allow “Vaccine Passports” you relinquish the natural, god given right to be somewhere or do something.  That basic, RIGHT now becomes a Privilege, and subject to the rules of other people.  Why would you surrender that right?
  • Why don’t people just mind their own business?

I could go on and on with the questions…. but I feel as if either society has gone mad — or maybe… just maybe… it is I who no longer fits in.   

And if that is the case — I’m not changing!