Shame on You For Supporting Vaccine Mandates

I am embarrassed and ashamed of so many fellow Americans who are supporting the legalized sanctioned bullying of their fellow neighbors and family members who chose not to get jabbed by the Covid Vaccines. Many of those who choose not to take these “vaccines” have already had covid, have 13x the antibodies of those who got the jabs or have other personal, constitutionally protected reasons for making their own choice.

Before you label me “antivax”…. Let me be clear…. I chose the vaccine and it almost killed me. In addition, I developed covid exactly 4 months after the vaccine. We are not anti vax… we are anti-covid therapeutics, disguised as a vaccine… being forced upon people’s who have more immunity than those fully vaccinated. We are against using these Forced “Vaccines’ on populations who are simply not at risk for hospitalization or death from this virus. The data and science do not support these vaccines for most people under 50. But most of all, we are against those who disregard the US Constitution and the foundational rights of this nation.

I choose to defend my fellow neighbors and family members against those who are attacking them. I choose to defend their constitutional and God given rights! You should defend them as well… for next time… the next issue… it will be you! And who will come to your aid?

If you support “Vaccine Mandates” If you deny the proven, unquestionable science that Natural Immunity is far superior to these ineffective covid vaccines (which do not prevent covid or its transmission,) then let me share this quote….

Mark Twain once said… “it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. “

History is littered with Majorities, populated by self-righteous peoples, who think they are smarter, think they are better… and force their wills upon minorities. Horrible atrocities resulted. We often wonder how good people did very bad things in History??? Now you know…. you’re living it today! You most likely have ignored the genocide occurring in China as we speak… as you now ignore your fellow Americans and family members being threatened by a majority here.

The sad thing…. most people like this do not lose an ounce of sleep at night. They are totally ignorant that their support of these oppressive actions cause tremendous harm, both financially and physically to so many others… or they simply do not care. Jobs lost, families destroyed, increased suicides and major health and stress related issues. How Shameful! How Un-American! Why would any good person do this?

I wonder what is more dangerous to this country…. this virus… or those exploiting it…. those ignoring the facts… or those who by their silence empower the bullies in this world! History will decide.

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