The Tunnel of Darkness

Imagine for just a moment, going thru a tunnel so vast… so long… that it would take a person more than 50 years to pass thru it.

As one enters that tunnel, their eyes would quickly need to adjust to the ensuing darkness that surrounds them. And the longer one is exposed to this darkness, not only would their eyes need to adjust to the new reality surrounding them, but every other sense would eventually adjust as well.

Soon, the Darkness becomes the person’s reality.

And as the years passed… and one traveled in that darkened tunnel… the dim, artificial lighting that man created to illuminate the way, made that person quickly forget the brilliance of the true light they once enjoyed.

In the artificial light of man… that… which was once clear… now becomes dimmed in the shadows… and the entire journey’s path… no longer visible. Except for the small sections traveled at any moment in time, all is blurred in the darkness.

Some… are emboldened by the darkness; others terrified by it… but most just travel at a steady rate hoping to eventually get thru it.

It’s easy to forget how dark the tunnel really is… compared to the light outside.

And on this journey that lasts 50+ years, new life would inevitably be born.

And that new life, not knowing anything else, would see the darkness… as how things are supposed to be.

Stories of another “Light” would simply be stories… never experiencing it… they could never truly understand or grasp the significance of what they were missing.

The shadowy world into which they were born has denied them the experience of the true light.

And as one traveled that tunnel, day after day, month after month… it would be easy to get caught up in its monotony of shadows… and routine.

Soon, one’s very purpose is questioned… and you wonder if the tunnel and its darkness will ever end.

But then one day… quite unexpectedly, something different occurs… a small white dot in the distance appears.

The Darkness Surrounds

This small white dot… no bigger than the head of a pin… surrounded by blackness… commands your attention.

And as you draw closer, that small dot grows larger… and the blackness… ironically…. grows even darker.

And no matter what you do… no matter where you direct your gaze… the approaching brightness dominates everything … and draws your attention to it…. like a magnet to steel.

You are drawn towards the light.

The Light Blinds You

And even though you know it’s coming… and about to overtake you…. No matter how prepared you think you are to enter the real light….

It suddenly strikes you with such an overpowering force – you temporarily lose your vision.

You Go Blind!

And as you are engulfed completely in the Light… It hurts.

For those who were born into the darkness, their lives will forever be changed.

The light…. so brilliant… so illuminating… reveals a new world that is beautiful… magnificent… and good.

That, which they were previously incapable of seeing or understanding… now awakens the very spirit of God and Life within them.

For those who once knew the light and then became engulfed by the darkness, they find new hope… and most importantly, Forgiveness & Redemption.

The Journey through the tunnel of our darkness, beholden of lies, is nearing an end.

Lies, falsely dressed as truths, now becoming exposed by the brilliance of the oncoming Light.

When we were in the Tunnel… the Light seemed to concede to the Darkness.

Man became dependent upon himself to light the way.

But the light of men… has no real power over darkness.

We are living in times just like 2,000 years ago, when darkness appeared to have conquered the light.

On a hill called Calvary, an empire tried to extinguish the light.

But after 3 days, the darkness was overwhelmed by the light, and an empire collapsed…

and the world would never again be the same.

For those brothers and sisters living in the darkness now…  The light is coming!

For those being persecuted… Your rescue is coming!

For those who have lost hope… it is Hope… which is suddenly thrust upon you!

Stay the course… be Strong…. 

When all seems lost… you will call upon him… and he will answer you.

For You, out of all time and ancestors, were born… for such a time as this.

The Light is Coming