Did you ever wonder why the largest land animal on this planet can be held in place by a tiny, fragile rope?

I would like to tell you a story.

There was once a baby elephant named Hope.

Born in captivity, Hope had a very large, very thick metal chain wrapped around her front leg as soon as she could stand. The caretakers explained to the baby elephant, that the chain was there for her own protection.  It was a dangerous world outside, but there… under their protection, she would be fed and sheltered.  They did it for her own good.

And as Hope grew, day after day, she would try to break that metal chain wrapped around her leg and escape.  And every day, her leg became bloodied and sore… scars to remind her that the chain was too strong.

When each day was over, Hope would limp to her corner and tend to her wounds.  And as the sun would set, she would lick her wounds, while the Crickets played their song.

And every day as she tried to break that chain, the other much older Elephants would lean over and say…
“O Dear Hope… It’s impossible to escape. The Chain is too thick, the metal too strong.  We tried once ourselves… your idea of breaking free… is just plain wrong.”

There was a caretaker named Pity, who would come by and feed the little Elephant every day.

He would say,
Oh Hope, why would you want to try and escape?
Here We Feed You… Provide Fresh Water and Greens everyday.
Out there you will starve, get beaten and even perish one day!”

“The risks are too great… You certainly will fail… you’re better off here.   Besides, your chain is too strong.”

For 6 months she tried daily, to break free of that chain, but every night would end in failure. She would retreat to her shelter, tend to her wounds and fall fast asleep…. to the Cricket’s song.

By the end of the first year, Hope no longer tried to break that metal chain around her leg.  She did exactly what she was told.  She was exploited by her owners who made profits galore.  Because she was so obedient, the caretaker replaced the original chain with one much lighter.  Hope thanked her caregiver for the more comfortable chain.

Her leg had become numb from the scars.  The bruising and pain diminished, and her life trudged along, she had become just like the other Elephants, and night after night, the Crickets continued their song.

Slowly the years passed. Hope grew older and much larger. She, like the other Elephants, never tried to escape.   Day after day repeated, until it was time for bed. She would rest her head on haybales, thinking of a better place.  And never listening to the lyrics, the Melody of the Crickets continued…  lulling her to sleep.

One day, Hope was not feeling well and asked the Caregiver is she could stay in bed that day and get a bit more hay. She was tired and hungry.

The Caretaker Pity said absolutely not. She had what she had… and didn’t deserve more.  He then demanded that she perform.  He then called in his manager, who proceeded to beat her.  He yelled…

“You ungrateful Elephant,
I feed you every day!
I provide fresh water and greens for you…
I provided you with a more comfortable chain…
And now you repay me with defiance and disloyalty?
Out there you will starve, out there you will die!
You cannot survive or prosper without me.
Now do what I say!”

Hope was beaten down that day.
And that night, tears in her eyes… resting her head, she gazed out upon the grassy field.

But this night was different, the Cricket’s seemed louder.  And silhouetted against a rising moon, she saw a herd of Elephants approach her way.  They were free.

At the head of the herd, stood one Magnificent Majestic Elephant who slowly walked up to where Hope was lying.

Bewildered, Hope raised her head and said, “How are you free? How did you escape?”

The Majestic Bull Elephant, gently lowered his head, and whispered in her ear…

“Did you not listen to the Song of the Crickets?
You heard their Melody but listened NOT to their Words.
Night after night… Year after Year
They cried out to you…
“It was a metal chain for only the first year.”

And that is how the largest land animal in the World can be secured with a simple cloth rope tied around its leg.

It is also how usually smart people, allow themselves to be ruled by others, not as smart, but much more cunning… and deceitful.  People with ulterior motives.

It’s how political parties try to control and exploit entire populations that would have more power, more prosperity and freedom if they broke off from them.

It’s time to break the chains… which are no longer metal chains!