There once was a small girl whose name was “Innocence
She came from a loving family that lived next to the sea.
Every day, she would sit by the window, cuddling her little kitten whom she named “Trust
Together, they would gaze out the window and watch her father come in from fishing and dock his boat on the shore.

One day, Innocence arose before the rest of her family.
Being bored, she picked up her little kitten, and wandered outside, towards the boat.
She had seen her father launch that boat hundreds of times and thought she could do the same.

So, Innocence, put her Trust into the boat, untied the ropes and pushed out to sea.
As the boat drifted away from the shore, both Innocence and Trust smiled… as the boat gently rocked… and the view of their home faded.
For a moment, they were happy. They felt free. They thought they had command of their lives.
But soon afterwards, the skies became angry, and the sea began to roar.

As the winds started picking up, the waves started crashing, both Innocence and Trust were in peril.
The little girl soon realized that she did not know what to do, once the boat was away from the shore.
She had only seen her father with the boat coming onto shore… He made it look so easy.
The thought of what to do, while out on the open sea, never crossed her mind.

The storm grew stronger, the seas raged around them, they were alone.
And in the middle of the storm, with no one in sight,
A voice came out from the darkness… a friendly voice… coming out from the sea.

“Little Girl don’t be afraid. I am here to help.”

Innocence, quite scared, slowly lifted her eyes over the side of the boat, looked down and saw a giant shark.

“But you are a shark” Innocence declared.

“I am not a shark, but rather a simple beautiful creature, who lives in the blackness of the sea. I know these waters better than anyone and I can save thee.”

The little girl, quite uncertain, said, “Thanks but no thanks… My family loves me, they will rescue me.”

The Shark sneered and declared, “Little Girl, if your family loved you… you would not be here. They would have woken up with you, made sure you had everything you wanted.  They would have given you all their money, entertained you every moment, but instead here you are.  Didn’t you know, they wanted you to sneak into this boat and be lost at sea. How uncaring, how unkind, and selfish of them to do that to you.  You should be angry with your family for allowing you to get lost. And to prove my point… If your family really did love you, why have they not rescued you yet?”

After a pause of silence. Innocence then said, “Surely, there will be others, strangers who will draw near. And if they see me, they will help. My father always told me there are good people in this world, that if given the opportunity to help someone, they will”

The Shark then said, “Your father is a liar.  I have seen these others, a menacing kind. I would not trust them; they will all try to hurt you”
There will be boats filled with men, they will hurt you they will. For all men are killers, they will hang you on their walls.
There will be boats filled with people with different colored skins. Because your skin is different… they will hurt you as well.
There will be boats of rich people, they might make you a slave.
There will be boats of poor people, they might sell you in trade.
There will be boats flying different flags, but because your flag is different, they will persecute you as well.
You must believe me…
I am the only one here…
Why would I offer to help if I did not care?”

The shark, having been quite convincing, had Innocence in tears.
“What do I do? How do I stay alive? How do I find a place to live, where me and my Trust can thrive?

Just then, an eerie still fog started to engulf them, the shark, sensing Innocence’s weakness and desperation, said
“You must give your “Trust” to me”

“I will place her gently in my mouth, protecting her with my teeth, so no other creature gets in there. Your Trust will be safe with me.
Then after I have your Trust, nestled safely behind my teeth, you my dear “Innocence” will join her… and I will take care of thee.”

Just as the Shark finished his appeal, the sound of ship horns could be heard in the distance.
Blaring from every direction, dozens of boats now quickly converging on them.

The Shark cried out to Innocence…
“Look at all those boats, it’s one of every kind. It’s a worst-case hate scenario, you will never survive.  They are all racing here to destroy you, to persecute and tear you apart.
Most are coming to kill you. Others to take you away.

If you really want to live, we must hurry… and You Must Do What I Say!”

So, Innocence, now afraid of the approaching rescue boats, stood up on the rail.

“You promise to catch us?” she asked…

“Of Course, my dear. I never miss!” declared the Shark.

So then, Innocence, grasped tightly to her Trust and leapt into the air… Trusting the shark would save her.

And as she was falling into the sea, she cried out to the Shark…

“What is your name?”

And for what seemed like forever… as they both fell into his open mouth, the Shark devoured them… belched… and then finally answered,


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

And that’s how Innocence and Trust were devoured by Hatred…

They blindly placed their faith in a stranger’s lies, falsely dressed as truths… because those lies are what they wanted to hear.

Today, many government leaders, politicians and profiteers of hatred and poverty use Hatred as a tool to get what they want.  

Last year there were less than 400 Hate crimes in Massachusetts out of 251,000 incidents.  Yet, all we hear about are Hate crimes.  (I will do a detailed article on Hate crimes soon)

Out of more than 6 million people living in MA, there were less than 400 Hate Crimes. None of which involved death, and most were vandalism.

That means 99.9994% of all people in MA did not commit a hate crime.

There are 298 million news stories on Google where Hate is referenced.

Hate sells.

Recognize those who want to sell you Hate.

Don’t fall into their traps.

Love conquers all.  Forgiveness conquers Hate!

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