The other day someone posted a video celebrating a girl who attacked a new bill in Texas that protects a baby’s life after it’s heart beat is detected.   The Press also celebrated this foolish girl as a hero.  The young girl said nothing new and repeated the lines of the legendary racist and eugenics Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.  But to those who support Abortion, she was a hero.

So, I being myself, jumped in.  The person promoting the video was offended by my response. (They certainly were not the first, and won’t be the last.)  She was especially offended that I referred to this “Brave Girl” as a “Fool”.  So, it’s Ok for her to be Brave, Courageous and a Hero, yet I crossed the line for calling her a “Fool”?  The actual definition of a fool is “a person who lacks judgment or sense”.  I stand by my opinion.

Never once, was the simple question that I asked in my response addressed.  If you stop a heartbeat, what happens?  The answer is simple and obvious.  They Die.  And if they Die… then logically… scientifically… they must have been alive.  Everyone knows this.  But many, if not the majority of people, will still try and deny it.

Very often, the Truth is that simple.  People can rationalize it away, try justifying it away… but most find it easier to simply ignore it.  Rather than accepting a fundamental truth, they will try and create a “new set of truths” based on nothing but their opinions or desires.  But it does not make their “new truth”, true… it simply makes them wrong.  And someone who consistently denies what is true, attacks what is true, is by the very dictionary definition, a fool.

No one likes to admit when they are wrong… including myself.  That’s why I am relentless and try to seek out the truth, look at the facts, and then make my own decisions based on the facts.  Too many times in the past, I trusted others, trusted what others had said, the promises that were made, and in the end… was made into a fool myself.  Fool me once… shame on you.  Fool me twice… shame on me.

But I’ll get to the point.  When someone uses Social Media, Facebook, Twitter etc to share the wonderful moments of their life, I love it.  To share in the wonderful developments of someone’s life is a pure joy.  I love seeing the children grow up, new families being created, people traveling the world and sharing in their personal moments.  I have never posted anything remotely political on any of those posts.  But when anything political is posted, the game changes.

Any post that tries to influence public opinion, legislation and affects the Inalienable rights given by God himself, the Right to Life and the The Right to Liberty… those posts are fair game for rebuttal. Better have your facts in hand!

I am amazed that people will venture into trying to influence public opinion, try to promote their own political ideologies and then are “hurt”, “embarrassed”, “offended” when challenged with facts, the truth and things they simply do not want to hear.   If I am wrong, if you disagree with my facts or data, prove me wrong with facts or data.  In almost every instance, they revert to name calling or they try to distract from their original issue or change the subject.

I’ll say it again, If I am wrong, prove me wrong with facts and data.  Saying I’m wrong does not make me wrong.

I am old enough to realize that there is no harm done, except to one’s ego, if you change your mind or your beliefs, because new data helped you uncover the truth.  I have changed my mind plenty of times.  I’ll give you 2 recent examples where I changed my mind.  Covid and Dr. Fauci.  Originally, I was very nervous with Covid, the facts at the time showed a disease that was striking people down in the streets of China.  I was all for the initial lockdown.  But as time went on, and real unbiased data came out, I changed my opinion.  And I shared the real data with you as I uncovered it.

The 2nd example is Dr. Fauci.  When he first appeared, I gave him 100% of my trust.  Cool, Calm, an Expert.  He appeared to be a voice of reason.  But when Dr. Fauci then started saying Covid was not going to impact the US like China, it was under control, Masks don’t help, it came from a bat, and he was ignoring all of the data I was reading and seeing… he lost credibility with me.  Today, I think he needs to be fired for lying to American Public and Congress.  He betrayed our trust and abused his power.

Point is, It’s OK to change your mind, to change your opinion… it’s a sign of maturity and how you gain wisdom.  It’s how we learn and become better.

Those that truly know me, understand there are certain issues I will not stand down on.  Preserving and Protecting these principles are more important to me than your feelings.

  • I will defend the Life of every innocent person, especially those most vulnerable or who are unable to speak for themselves.
  • I will defend Liberty and the tools to preserve it.
  • I will fight for Black Families, which have been decimated and exploited by Politicians and profiteers of hatred.
  • I will fight to bring prosperity back to urban communities, because it is my opinion, that only through prosperity can the black urban family find stability and the tools to once again control their own destinies… and rebuild their families.
  • In my house, True Racism, Anti-Semitism is an evil which must be lay waste. Too often the real racists use racism to hide their own racism.. and in doing so create divisions between people.  We are all created equal and are brothers and sisters under God.
  • I have been fighting communism for over 30 years.  I know it when I see it, I know it when it tries to cunningly creep into our Republic.  Anything at all that looks like Communist or Socialist propaganda I will expose.
  • And coming from a family deep into Law Enforcement and the US Military, I will always have a special place in my heart for those who put their lives on the line everyday to keep our nation and neighborhoods safe.  The Thin Blue Line is our front line against the evils of this world. I will protect the institutions.

And finally, I will fight to expose and shed the truth on the Public Corruption and Abuse of Power.

  • I despise people who try and manipulate others in order to satisfy their personal or professional needs and/or ambitions.  I have seen too many people in my life taken advantage of by others, with less than noble intentions.  I do not care if it is a Democrat or a Republican.  Many people placed into positions of power or authority mistakenly believe that they are better, more important than others. They fall victim to the belief that they actually possess power. They fail to realize that they are just temporary stewards of the positions they hold. They will one day be replaced.

Let me be clear, it is not easy and self-rewarding to go against the Majority of Americans and their opinions.  I’ve been called so many names, received death threats, had businesses intentionally destroyed by Companies like Google and the Chinese Communist Government.  I have lost elections because I would not tell people what they wanted to hear, been turned down for Govt Administration positions because I was the wrong type of Republican (Pro-Life and Pro 2nd Amendment).  I’m shadow banned on Google, Facebook and Twitter because I challenge the narratives, they are trying to sell you.  I make no money writing.  There is no financial gain. I’m not running for office, not looking for votes, money or recognition.  I’m simply trying to give you facts to lead you to the truth.

So if you expect me to Stand Down because I hurt your feelings then you’re shopping in the wrong store.  My recommendation is to unfollow me, unfriend me.  If you really do have an open mind, then join me in our eternal search for what is true.

Like many of you, I was so busy with my life, my career, my family that I entrusted my elected officials to do the right thing.  For decades I allowed those most vocal to go unchallenged in their narratives, their claims and their hypocrisies.  And thus we are where we are today.  No more.    You talk Politics… You try and attack those things that I hold so dear… you’re fair game for a fact based debate.

For in the end, there exists only one truth.

Everything else is either opinion, guesses, facts, or perspective of those facts.

And if you really do have an open mind, you might be surprised… For when you discover the truth, you might actually change your mind on things.

Best Regards.